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Hot Videos

Unconventional, controversial, and popular-- these are the adjectives that can be used to describe hot videos. Hot videos are types of film clips that are popular on the Internet. The content and format of hot videos are not limited to a specific criterion. Hot videos may focus on anything and everything that is worth telling, but have to be interesting enough to stir the curiosity of the viewers.

What are the indicators of hot videos?

* Lots of online views
One indication that hot videos are "hot" is the number of online views. Hot videos are popular, a great number of people spend a couple minutes of their time just to watch them. The number of online views per video is usually shown in most video sharing websites.

* Lots of posted comments
In most websites, viewers are allowed to post whatever they wish to say about the videos. Another indicator that a video is hot is the number of comments posted as replies. Why? Because an overwhelming number of comments just indicate that a lot of people have already watched the videos and that they feel a need to say something about them. It doesn't matter whether the comments are positive or not, it's the number that still counts.

* Lots of related references
Hot videos reach a new level of hotness when they actually make it on television or movies. Some hot videos are just so popular that even media journalists believe that they are worth a few minutes of screen time in the evening news. More popular hot videos even find their way as pop culture references in variety shows or movie parodies. If the videos are cool enough to be featured in talk shows, they are, indeed, hot videos.

* Lots of video parodies
Another obvious indicator that certain videos are really hot is the number of parodies or spoofs based on those videos. A good example is Chris Crocker's "Leave Britney" video. What started out as a rant against the people who keep on trashing Britney Spears, the "Leave Britney" became an international phenomenon by being parodied by several online comedians and Internet users. If a Hollywood actor like Seth Green cares enough to make a parody of your videos, then those are indeed hot videos.

Where can people watch hot videos?

A wide variety of hot videos is easily accessible on the Internet. Hot videos, which include everything from celebrity spoofs to video blogs, are available for both online streaming and personal downloads. Hot videos may also be shown on television and in theatres.